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Dining Services


Oak Hill Academy contracts with the professional food service company, Meriwether Godsey, headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia.  The dining service provides three nutritionally balanced meals daily.  Special programs, meals, and events throughout the year also are catered by Meriwether Godsey.  The Academy has partnered with Meriwether Godsey since 2004.  Mr. Scott Jeffries serves as the Director of Dining Services.  There is a varied four-week cycle of menus designed by Meriwether Godsey’s registered dietitian.  Breakfast, two-entree lunches, and dinners with a variety of meats and vegetables are served daily.  Deli and salad bars are also available at lunch and dinner.

The Vaughan Dining Hall functions as a central gathering place for the entire Oak Hill community.  Students enjoy a time of socialization with families of faculty and staff members attending meals, contributing to the school’s family atmosphere.

The Alumni Campus Store

In addition to the three meals served daily in the Dining Hall, students also have access to food and snacks at the Alumni Campus Store.  Here students can purchase food to eat in the 50’s diner-style common area, or food to keep in their dorm rooms.  Dorm-sized refrigerators are suggested as students can use microwaves in the dorm common areas for study-break snacks.  Items include pizzas, burritos, sandwiches, cereal, chips, crackers, cookies, etc.  A full line of beverages is also offered.