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The Oak Hill Academy curriculum is college preparatory and is designed to challenge the brightest students while encouraging those who are unmotivated or underachieving.  Students take seven classes each day, and earn seven credits at the end of each year.  Unique features of the program include:


Oak Hill Academy and Wytheville Community College

Oak Hill Academy students may take college courses through Wytheville Community College during high school, referred to as either Dual Credit or College Credit courses.  The courses are taught on the Oak Hill campus by teachers who concurrently serve as adjunct professors for the college.  Students receive both high school and college credit.  Students must exhibit outstanding academic performance and pass a college placement test in order to be eligible for these courses.  Such courses are identified with a “CC” (College Credit) on the Oak Hill transcript.  Students may earn as many as 27 college credits.


Honors Courses

Students may select honors courses in several subject areas.  Certain courses are taught only as honors courses.  In other cases, a highly motivated student may contract with the teacher of a standard college preparatory course to complete honors-level assignments and achieve the honors designation for that course.


Microsoft IT Academy

Oak Hill Academy has formed a unique partnership with the MIcrosoft Corporation which allows students to pursue Microsoft Certifications in several areas:  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook.  The certification examinations are taken on the Oak Hill campus. Successful students receive the certification directly from the Microsoft Corporation.