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Oak Hill Academy Stories: RJ Currington, Class of 2013


I first met RJ as a somewhat shy, reserved rising 8th grader while he attended Oak Hill Academy’s summer basketball camp.  RJ is a 2013 graduate who spent 5 years on The Hill and the growth I saw in him was phenomenal.  8th graders at Oak Hill are taken care of by the upperclassman and RJ was everyone’s little brother that first year.  Through his career at OHA I saw him progress from the shy, but talented, Red Team Varsity player and an under-the-radar, but likeable student in the school building into a student government leader, mentoring upperclassman, who was a major contributor to some of the best Gold Teams in recent years.

RJ is entering his senior year at DePaul University in Chicago – not far from his hometown.  He is a pre-law student and has spent his summer interning at a law firm (last check he was targeting the Los Angeles area) with the goal of becoming a sports and entertainment industry lawyer.  He balances all of this while playing shooting guard for the Blue Demons.

RJ’s story reflects one of the greatest opportunities attending Oak Hill Academy has to offer:  the chance to grow and discover confidence.  Our small classes and student body really encourages students to take leadership positions, both formal and informal.  Watching RJ grow over those 5 years was truly a highlight of my tenure at Oak Hill Academy.


College Scholarship Awards to OHA Seniors Continue to Rise


Mr. Chris Hill ’94,  OHA College Advisor    

The college counselors at Oak Hill Academy are fortunate to have a front row seat to the process of growth that occurs in our students during the senior year. The time of transition, of unsettledness, of angst over life decisions gives way to plans, a sense of focus on the next step, and a celebration of accomplishments.  One of the most significant celebratory moments comes during the Academy Awards when we acknowledge the college scholarships our students have earned.

Our students can and do take advantage of the various aspects of Oak Hill life that can lead to scholarship offers. Small classrooms staffed with engaged teachers help GPAs stay strong and improve; community service projects help to strengthen extracurricular résumés; and a variety of sports help our students shine as they build on a foundation of academics and citizenship.  The resulting scholarships serve as tangible rewards for students’ hard work and dedication.


The amount of scholarship money offered to Oak Hill Academy graduating classes has increased steadily over the last few years. This year’s athletic scholarships totaled approximately $600,000, and academic or leadership/service merit scholarship offers amounted to $2.4 million. These academic and service scholarship dollars include all scholarships offered to our seniors from the various colleges where they applied.  When we consider that the graduating class of 2016 was thirty-nine students, those are impressive numbers!


The Oak Hill Academy college counseling department is invested in making the college application and scholarship process as stress-free as possible, and an enjoyable part of the senior experience for both our students and their families. We take great pride in our students’ accomplishments, whether in the classroom, on the athletic field or in the community, and it is gratifying when colleges acknowledge these efforts. Our hope is to create an environment that nourishes well-rounded young men and women who have pride in all they do during their time at Oak Hill Academy, and who will then transfer those interests and skills to their college and career settings. Congratulations to the class of 2016!


Oak Hill Academy Leadership Students learn from their college counterparts

IMG_1092 (2)

Last Saturday morning, the Leadership Group at Oak Hill Academy participated in a seminar conducted by representatives of Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. The four presenters included two CNU Fellows (graduated last year) and 2 freshmen who are currently a part of the President’s Leadership Program at the university.  They presented a workshop regarding various aspects of developing leadership: how to “Fail Forward”; identifying your own values and learning how that affects your decision making and leadership style; understanding servant leadership; and becoming an “everyday leader.”  The training was filled with TED Talks, powerpoints and interesting activities to keep our students engaged and learning. The morning also gave our students a chance to explore what it looks like to be a leader on a college campus, and how to begin to see themselves in that role.


Chase V., a 9th-grade OHA student from Minnesota,  remarked that she appreciated learning what type of leader she is, and “realizing that I have to go back to my core values to help me be a better leader.” Mrs. Joy Groves, Oak Hill’s Director of Counseling and organizer of the event, said, “The presenters were outstanding, and they were very complimentary of OHA’s student leaders!”

Thank you to Mrs. Groves and Mr. Rodgers for the photos.

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