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College Financial Aid                                                 

•For any type of federal student aid, and to initiate the financial aid process from college financial aid offices, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) any time after October 1, and it is advisable to complete the form early. Pay careful attention to state and college deadlines. Completing the form online is MUCH preferred and can be done at

•Carefully review the websites and publications from the colleges in which you are interested to learn of college-specific opportunities; they often have separate scholarships for which you must apply.  Some of these deadlines are in the fall, even if the final admissions deadlines are later.  In other cases you will automatically be awarded scholarship money based on factors such as your academic performance or leadership.  Once you are accepted, the admissions office will send you a financial aid letter which shows the grants, loans and scholarships for which you are eligible.

•Contact local civic organizations, churches to which you are connected, or parents’ places of employment to learn of local/regional scholarship opportunities.  The guidance counselor at the public school in your county might have a list.  Also contact your state’s higher education agency for state aid.

•For a variety of national scholarships from many sources, access a website such as or  These are national databases, so you must use narrow criteria in order to find realistic opportunities.  You do not need to pay anyone to search for scholarships for you.

•Other websites that might be of assistance: (also includes links for minority scholarships)


Academic, Athletic and Merit Scholarships Awarded to the Graduating Class of 2019

The following members of the Class of 2019 were recognized during graduation weekend as receiving scholarships:

Noah A. – Lenoir-Rhyne University (Lenoir-Rhyne Scholars Program)

Betele A. – Marymount University (Dean’s Scholarship); Woodbury University (Dean’s Merit Scholarship)

Brandon D. – University of Kentucky (Academic Scholarship)

Delaine D. – Academy of Art Cincinnati (Nobel Entrance Scholarship); Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD Award)

Kalab H. – Salisbury University (Good Neighbor Award)

Danielle H. – Ringling College of Art and Design (Ringling Scholarship)

Shiryu K. – DePaul University (Merit Scholarship); Pacific Lutheran University (Academic Scholarship); Menlo College (President’s Scholarship)

Blake K. – Oregon State University (Merit Scholarship)

Corey S. – Roanoke College (Visit Roanoke Grant, Presidential Award, Commonwealth Award, Roanoke College Area Award); Albright College (Founders Scholarship); McDaniel College (Merit Scholarship and VTAG); Allegheny College (Trustee Scholarship)

Kyra S. – Lynn University (Merit Scholarship); Trinity Washington University (Leadership Scholarship)

Aaron T. – Rhodes College (Rhodes Legacy Scholarship; Rhodes Grant)

Cici W. – Maryland Institute College of Art (Presidential Scholarship; Creative Vision Award); Otis College of Art and Design (Otis Scholarship)

Molly W. – Louisiana State University (Tiger Nation Scholarship); University of Arizona (Excellence Award); Belmont University (Academic Scholarship); Florida Southern University (Danforth Scholarship; Scholars Grant); University of Maine (Flagship Scholarship); Hendrix College (Academic Scholarship)

Lioul W. – Seattle University (Champion Scholarship)

Candice Z. – Bridgewater College (ACE Scholarship)

The following student-athletes were recognized for receiving full scholarships for NCAA Division I universities:

Cole A. – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Christian B. – University of Georgia

Kofi C. – University of Illinois

BJ M. – University of South Florida

The following student-athlete was recognized for receiving an athletic scholarships for NAIA universities:

Brandon D. – Asbury University, Ave Maria University

The following student-athletes were recognized for signing with NCAA Division III colleges:

Tobi S. – Wesley College, track and field

Aaron T. – Rhodes College, basketball