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We receive many inquiries from families looking for a boarding high school that works with struggling students.  This struggle often centers on a learning difference such as ADD or ADHD, but it often has a lot to do with self-esteem and how the students are seeing themselves.  A lack of academic success can lead to a host of issues regarding confidence and motivation.  It often has very little to do with ability.  We understand that here at Oak Hill Academy.

Our coeducational, college prep boarding school, located in southwestern Virginia, specializes in the under-performing student.  “The Turning Point” most often lies in developing a sense of competency and confidence. We understand that the missing ingredient may truly be a relational approach that develops within a structured environment that values accountability. Because we understand this dynamic, we seek to be found by parents (and occasionally, students themselves) who are dealing with it.  Being positioned as the boarding school for academic support means that I often speak with parents who want to know, up front, how we determine acceptance—especially if they are coming in with a transcript that doesn’t really reflect their student’s ability.

Today, we’re addressing this very common question about admission criteria with an infographic (above) that summarizes the top 5 things we looking at when working with a family applying for admission to Oak Hill Academy.  If you are relating to the scenarios I’ve outlined above, I invite you to reach out, call or visit our website ( to complete the inquiry form below.  I want the opportunity to speak with you about current openings, summer school, or the next school year.