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Andja attended Oak Hill Academy for her junior and senior years, coming directly from her native Serbia.  She quickly became one of the most popular, engaged students on campus after settling in.  She attended Iona College directly after Oak Hill Academy, in large part due to it’s proximity to New York City.  She was a four-year starter for their women’s basketball program and won multiple conference awards during her career.  Graduating in 2011 with a B.S. Criminal Justice, Andja spent a couple of years pursuing a coaching career while working as a business developer with a European graphic design firm.  She has been employed at National Cash Register (NCR) in Belgrade for the past couple of years, primarily managing one of the biggest partnerships the international firm handles with Polycom, an international IT firm.

Andja admits that she “grew up a lot” at Oak Hill Academy becoming much more flexible and cooperative working with others.  She credits the small campus, tight-knit student body and, above all, the relationships she was able to develop with her teachers with helping her mature quickly.  She calls getting outside of her comfort zone and coming to U.S. as a turning point in her life.  “For certain, growing through the experience of being so far from home, learning new cultural norms and maturing in general wouldn’t have been possible with the relationships I formed at Oak Hill.”

Oak Hill Academy has had a long history of providing a quality college-preparatory, nurturing experience for international students.  Our smallness, where relationships are emphasized, and our safe location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia has provided the right environment for hundreds of international students to grow and prepare for college success over the years.  Andja is a great example.