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Oak Hill Academy offers a boarding school opportunity for teenagers to redefine themselves academically and socially.

Let’s start with stating the obvious:  During the high school years, many teenagers struggle to define themselves.  This fact is at the heart of many of the conversations I have with prospective students and their families.  The struggle reaches a point that a change of school setting, family dynamic or peer group is needed. Families decide to research boarding school options, and they find Oak Hill Academy–a small, college prep boarding school in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

Most often, parents who call on Oak Hill Academy are looking for a boarding school option that affords a fresh start, a “Turning Point.”  Change occurs outside a comfort zone, and for most of our inquiring parents and their students, the idea of boarding school can be uncomfortable.  However, our most successful applicants are those who recognize this option as a chance to leave an unproductive situation behind, redefine themselves, and become who they want to be.  This kind of change almost always starts with a change of environment and peer group.  If you have reached this same conclusion, then finding the right new approach becomes all-important.

Oak Hill Academy is a uniquely-positioned college prep boarding school with the structure and support to offer this chance to “hit the reset button.” Our approach is specific to students needing growth in a range of areas. Our design addresses the need for growth in academic performance, which is often the most visible evidence of the need for growth in other areas: maturity, responsibility, self-esteem, and confidence, to name a few.  Being open to improvement in these critical areas is the most common thread I see among applicants who are successful here.  If you believe your child’s boarding school needs include this pursuit of growth, we invite you to take a closer look at Oak Hill Academy.

Let’s start a conversation about how our approach is intentional in these areas, and how the things that Oak Hill Academy does well can benefit your student.