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The title of this blog is not merely an exercise in alliteration.  Oak Hill Academy is very intentional in providing both a College-Prep environment, where a sense of independence and self is nurtured,  AND providing the necessary structure and healthy boundaries we feel are required in a co-educational setting.  As the father of two girls who attended and graduated from Oak Hill Academy, I have a keen perspective on how our objectives come together at the intersection of “college prep” and “structured environment,” particularly in managing the supervision of a small campus of high school boys and girls.

Developing a variety of healthy relationships is a focus at Oak Hill Academy.  Our small size (approximately 150 students and 60+ faculty/staff adults) leads to a great opportunity for meaningful relationships and growth in this area both inside and outside of class.  Our “smallness” also allows for a level of supervision that is on the “strict” end of the college prep boarding school spectrum.  Our boys and girls attend class, events, church and meals together, and feel a real sense of community, but our policy is that they do not meet unsupervised.  That necessitates a lot of on-campus supervised events, so that it feels very coeducational and natural.  There are still dress codes for after school and weekends–times when our students are not required to wear the school uniform of khakis and polos.  For dorm life, there is a girls’ side of campus and a boys’ side campus, so after dinner and any sponsored club activities, the students are separated for the evening and night.

Some of the opportunities to interact outside of class for our students, both boys and girls, include the very popular Alumni Campus Store which serves a function similar to that of a student union on a college campus. Socializing, snacks, personal items, and apparel are all available here.  Whenever the store is open, there is also adult supervision.  Our meals in the Vaughan Dining Hall are coed.  We attend Sunday morning worship service all together as a student body at Young’s Chapel Baptist Church. There are supervised social events both on and off campus on the weekends, as well as during the week – such as Ski Club trips in the winter and Warrior Nights on select Saturdays throughout the year.  Many of the traditional high school memories are made at Oak Hill Academy, including the Winter Dance and a Spring Formal, both long-standing traditions on “The Hill.”


If you are considering boarding school for your student and are closely comparing co-ed and single-sex options, please contact us in the Admission Department at Oak Hill Academy to discuss our approach.  

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