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On a recent campus tour with a prospective student and his family, we hit upon an interesting theme:  Our campus diversity in relation to our location.  I was struck by the truth and irony, when the Mother said, it is funny that people come all the way out to the country, to a little boarding school, to meet people from around the world!  It is true – most don’t often associate the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia with diversity, but my tours are always struck by the multitude of nationalities and variety of kids we have in our little school of about 160 students.  Last year, we had over 25 States and 20 Countries represented in this enrollment.  The ride here, passing Christmas tree fields and pastures full of cows, I assume, does not prepare them for what they find on our campus.

The picture above is one of the best I’ve seen to explain our geographic location – beautiful, serene, and yes, a little remote.  But I always point out that our location is part of the reason our students are so dedicated to the community we make here – “we’re all we’ve got, so we better take care of each other” seems to be the mindset kids adopt quickly.  The fact that the overwhelming majority of our faculty (and their families) live here adds to that sense of community.

If you are considering boarding school for your student, and part of the goal is to find a strong community engagement, I want you to call and to discuss our school.  If we are both encouraged by our conversation. let’s look at scheduling a visit to our little corner of the world.  In our case, it helps to get small if the goal is to grow.

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