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Board of Trustees

Board Structure

Oak Hill Academy is governed by a Board of Directors (sometimes referred to as “Board of Trustees”) that is entrusted to manage the business and property of the Academy.  Bylaws require the Board to be not less than fifteen (15) and no more than thirty (30) members.  One-third of the directors are nominated by the Baptist General Association of Virginia.  The President of the Academy is the direct representative of the Board of Directors in the management of the Academy.

View of School

Oak Hill Academy provides the necessary ingredients for students to be challenged and grow academically.  Additionally OHA is a special place.  It is a true mission where teachers and staff spread and teach hope, love, personal and emotional growth, and maturity.  The time and experience at OHA is life changing for its students.  They are prepared to continue to live and work to achieve their potential and reach for their dreams.  For all that have a relationship with OHA, we find we are blessed and will always do our part to continue the mission. 

 2017-2018 Board Of Trustees 

Mr. Carl Rosberg, Chairman

Mr. Todd Fuller, Vice-Chairman

Mr. Marty Parks, Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Kenny Bowen, Vice Chairman and Planning Committee Chair (non-voting)

Mr. Don Gibson, Development Committee Chair

Mrs. Susie Dixon Garner, Finance Committee Chair

Rev. Danny Collins

Mr. Larry Conner, Sr.

Mr. Ralph Davis

Mrs. Lisa Dockery

Rev. John Duvall

Mrs. Sidney Rose Fant

Mr. Dennis Gambill

Mr. Rodney Halsey

Dr. Thomas Harvey

Mr. Joel Jackson

Mrs. Theresa Lazo

Mr. Tom Saunders

Mr. Jim Tapp

Ms. Mary Thomas

Dr. Dennis Throckmorton

Mr. Taylor Vaughan

Rev. Robert Bailey (off during 2017-18)

Mr. Kenny Bowen (off during 2017-18)

Mr. Harold Wingate (off during 2017-18)