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Oak Hill Academy Boarding School in the Beautiful Virginia Mountains – Mouth Of Wilson, VA

As a small boarding school (average student body of 150), Oak Hill Academy enjoys a very tight-knit community feel.  Our location in Mouth of Wilson, in the scenic Grayson Highlands of Virginia, is a strong contributing factor.

Two students, pictured from behind, with arms around each other, looking out over the mountains

Our students are quite busy with after-school academic help or with many of the clubs and activities on and off campus.  There is mandatory study time in the dorms each weekday at 8:30 pm.  Yet, our students are able to balance the structured busyness with peaceful views and the fresh air of the Virginia Appalachian Mountains.

Group of men performing in a bandLandscape shot showing a road on the left and rolling green hills on the right

Our location in the heart of the Musical Heritage area of Virginia known as the “Crooked Road” means that our music department has access to many of the respected old-time musicians of the area.  Our music teacher, Ms. Callison, is part of the local scene and often takes her students to sit in on local jams.  We are also able to invite a variety of musicians to play on campus.

Female horse rider pictured from behind with rolling hills and mountains in distance            Group of three girls on the dock in the foreground, with three horseback riders on a path in the distance, waving              Two students lakeside, one holding a large fish

Our spacious, 240-acre campus offers a dramatic backdrop to activities such as equestrian, trail running, and paintball.  The nearby Grayson Highlands State Park and Appalachian Trail also offer frequent hiking and biking opportunities.  The acreage on campus includes Lake Samuella, part of the Noonkester Park where, this year, many of our students discovered the peaceful fun of lake fishing.


At Oak Hill Academy, the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Virginia play as important a role in the overall experience for our students as small class sizes, dedicated faculty and amazing extracurricular opportunities.  Our students are able to balance work and play, busyness and tranquility in a unique boarding school setting.  We invite you to consider Oak Hill Academy and to schedule a campus tour to see, for yourself, the special community created each school year here in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

Landscape shot of trees and cloudy sky at sunset

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