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Summer is in session on The Hill

Summer is a time for learning and growing here at Oak Hill Academy! We welcome students from across the country and around the world to take part in our summer session from June 26 to July 23. For those asking why students choose to spend four weeks in a boarding school environment in rural Virginia during the summer—you have a lot to learn about summer on The Hill!

Summer session provides an immersive experience for students new to Oak Hill. It is a chance for these new students to live life as a boarding school student for a short period and to get a feel for The Hill in a smaller context as they make their final plans for the fall semester.

For returning students, summer session is a great time to get ahead by taking new classes—or to repeat a class or two for improved content mastery and a better GPA. All of the best things about Oak Hill’s academic support environment are even more apparent during the summer, when our students have additional access to available resources.

New and returning students alike are here this summer to pursue unique academic interests, especially our new featured course, Experiential Ecology. Oak Hill believes in place-based education, and this class highlights the beautiful natural environment and resources surrounding our beautiful campus. Students in this class are gearing up for a great deal of outdoor adventure, from a canoeing trip to hiking the Appalachian Trail.

In all cases, summer session students are welcomed to a small-by-design, nurturing community, while enjoying summer camp type activities such as swimming, tubing, roller skating, blueberry picking, and horseback riding in the afternoons. Summer on The Hill is a unique and ideal blend of academics and extracurriculars, set here in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia.

Learn more about Oak Hill Academy’s summer and school-year offerings.

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