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Peers helping peers

Oak Hill Academy’s Student Affairs Director describes another layer of academic support: students helping one another.


At Oak Hill we provide academic support to students who may be struggling in certain content areas. And that support comes not just in the classroom. It comes also with one-on-one teacher support each day after school, and with staff in the dorms each evening during Quiet Time.

While students helping each other with school work happens organically in the dorms, we provide a Peer Tutoring program that optimizes that kind of interaction. We find that peer-to-peer tutoring can be highly effective in providing students with a different perspective.Students in need of help often feel more comfortable voicing questions and concerns to a peer, and may be more receptive to taking suggestions or guidance.

Once or twice a week, students sign up for peer tutoring and come down to the Dining Hall during evening Quiet Time. Each student is paired with another student who has been recommended by a teacher as both a good tutor and strong in the content area.

Our peer tutors also benefit from this arrangement. They learn firsthand the old adage “the best way to learn is to teach.” And they gain the rewards of community service in the process.

Peer Tutoring is not required remediation. It is an opportunity for students to receive additional academic support from someone their own age.

Mr. Aaron Butt
Director of Student Affairs
Oak Hill Academy

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