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October on “The Hill” brings the Harvest Festival

Lucca, Stephanie, Alex and Dominique get creative.

By Senior Journalism students AJ B. and Ramsey R.

Moh goes for it!

Oak Hill Academy’s Harvest Festival is a fun annual event! This year’s festival was held October 26th at Noonkester Park on campus. Some people dressed up in costumes, including Eva ’20, Andie ’21 and Campbell ’21 as the Power Puff Girls. The staff of Meriwether-Godsey, our food service contractor, served up Brunswick Stew in bread bowls, hot dogs, potato wedges, and grilled veggies.

Staffers enjoy the festival, too–Mr. Duranko on the right, Rev. Turnmire in the middle, and…guess who on the left…Mrs. Bowen!

After dinner, students played games for prizes. Bobbing for apples became a race to see who was successful first. The always popular “Cake Walk” allowed students to collect home-made sweets. Pumpkins and carving tools were available for students to display their creative sides.

The Harvest Festival is a great way to bring everyone together.

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