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Oak Hill Core Values: Community, Moral Courage, Responsibility, Transformation

Like many organizations, Oak Hill Academy has established a set of core values.  These four central statements of purpose drive our procedures and inform our practice.  They’re non-negotiable. Our students know them.  Our parents know them.  And our school community revolves around them.

Community, Responsibility, Moral Courage, Transformation

From their first days on campus, our students experience the warmth of the Oak Hill community.  This creates a growing awareness of the connection between the concepts of community and responsibility.  Students learn by doing—through daily life–that their choices and contributions make a direct impact on a larger world.  Faculty and staff model this and facilitate conversations on important topics such as respect, empathy, and patience.

Students also continually explore the idea of moral courage.  This universal concept captures the diversity of our student body through a value shared across geographic boundaries and differing opinions.   We promote… telling the truth, following the honor code and being accountable for our choices.  We emphasize community service and practice seeking justice and respecting each other.

At OHA, students don’t just study transformation, they actively participate in it.  They set goals and receive guidance from a growth mindset.  They challenge themselves to stretch, and to invest in others. With the concepts of community, responsibility, and moral courage as a foundation, students step towards becoming their “best selves”.

Like all members of the Oak Hill community, our students celebrate success and build on it. Students use what they’ve learned to guide them in big decisions like selecting a college as well as in day-to-day choices like responsible use of technology.  Intentional guidance equips students to live well, both during and after high school.  It’s about moving from high school life to independent adult life.

By preparing for challenges and opportunities, Oak Hill students learn that core values are much more than phrases to use in their college essays.  Instead, the OHA core values describe their real-life experience on “The Hill.”

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