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Oak Hill Community comes together to “Race for a Cause”


On Saturday, April 3, the Oak Hill community participated in a “Race for a Cause” to prevent child abuse. The race involved students, faculty, and OHA families.


About the race

The race was organized with help from Mrs. Martha Dacons, Oak Hill’s learning support specialist.

Students came together to advocate for victims of child abuse, sharing important facts during weekly assemblies and through signs posted at trail markers.

Students and faculty mapped out a 2-mile trail that started at the girls’ dormitory, looped throughout campus, and ended at Noonkester Park on campus.


After the race

Everyone enjoyed the friendly competition, with first-place runners receiving certificates to showcase their achievements. Additionally, participants were given engraved rubber bracelets to remember the event and its message.

After reaching the finish line, students and faculty enjoyed a communion of kayaking, playing volleyball, and having a group lunch in the sunshine.

The event inspired members of our community to donate and to be more aware of signs, causes, and prevention of child abuse.


How to help

There are many different organizations committed to the prevention of child abuse. There are options to donate, host fundraisers, or to research other ways to aid in prevention.

Prevent Child Abuse America

Prevent Child Abuse America is the nation’s oldest and largest organization committed to preventing child abuse and neglect before it happens. We promote programs and resources informed by science that enable kids, families, and entire communities to thrive—today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.”

Families Forward Virginia

Families Forward Virginia, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is Virginia’s leading organization dedicated to disrupting the cycles of child abuse, neglect and poverty.”

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