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Oak Hill Academy Spring Break Trip to Spain: Day 3

Today, Kristina K. updates us again from Spain.  Apparently, they are moving fast and taking in a lot of cultural experiences.

The first day was very tiring because of the overnight flight. That night (Saturday), we went into town (Granada), which was very pretty. We saw people performing music, a flamenco dance lesson, and a beautiful sunset over Alhambra from the oldest part of town.  We also had the opportunity to tour an olive oil production facility and olive farm.


The architecture of the buildings has been the best part–all the hand-done detail is very beautiful. And the food!–the paella (an exotic seafood stew) is sometimes spicy, sometimes salty, and always filling with a great taste. The Cathedral of Sevilla (The World’s Largest Gothic Church) was surprising because of all the gold decorating the artwork. Travelling around all the big cities is a great way to get to know Spain (we’ve seen Malaga, Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba already, and will see Madrid and Barcelona). Although we are seeing some of the same things, each city is different and they’re all different from cities in the United States.


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