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Oak Hill Academy participates in educational conference


According to their website, “the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) is a not-for-profit, international professional association representing experienced independent educational consultants.

Educational consultants’ main goals are to provide students with relevant information regarding educational opportunities, ultimately helping families make the right decision when it comes to education.

From June 7 – June 11, the IECA is hosting their 2021 virtual spring conference. The conference allows professionals to network and ask questions about colleagues’ approaches to education.

Oak Hill Academy is pleased to participate in this year’s conference as a K-12 exhibitor.

So far, Oak Hill Academy has been participating in breakout sessions, specifically a session about college readiness and how to prepare students for success outside the classroom.

We are also able to hear key speakers, like Henry Winkler (the actor who plays Fonzie on Happy Days), who spoke on his experience growing up with dyslexia, highlighting the need for learning support to build confidence in students with different learning styles.

Additionally, we are using this opportunity to network with other professionals, seeing how others are helping alleviate the post-pandemic disruption of learning.

The conference also hosts different vendors, allowing us to keep track of trends and innovative ideas.

The IECA virtual spring conference is helping Oak Hill Academy stay in touch with other schools, consultants, and professionals in the education field, while showcasing our own operations and educational philosophies. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with professional educators!

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