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Oak Hill Academy now enrolling for Summer Session 2021

Oak Hill Academy is now enrolling for summer 2021 sessions

Oak Hill Academy is now enrolling for the summer 2021 session, which begins Sunday, June 27, and ends Saturday, July 24. New students submit an enrollment application. Current students do not submit a new application; instead, complete a course selection sheet.

Why summer session?

Summer session serves different purposes depending on students’ needs. Students have the option to re-take previous courses to correct their GPAs. New students utilize summer courses to familiarize themselves with Oak Hill Academy’s campus before the fall semester. In addition, students often participate in summer session to supplement their transcripts with extra credits.

Oak Hill’s summer session allows students to have a personalized schedule that bests fits their academic needs.

How many classes are offered?

Summer session operates differently than fall and spring semesters. Students can take one new class, two repeat classes, or one repeat class along with one elective.

Students also have the option to enroll in another supplemental course after school, replacing afternoon recreation time.

Which courses are offered?

There are five main courses offered within the summer session, which earn one credit:
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Social studies
4. Science
5. Foreign language

In addition to main courses, three electives are offered, which earn 1/2 credit:
1. Leadership
2. Study Skills
3. Test Preparation

How is the summer session scheduled?

Summer session courses are scheduled differently than fall and spring semesters. Students typically take two courses during the summer session, requiring a more personalized schedule.

How does a student enroll for summer session?

New students can enroll for summer session by submitting an application. If submitting an application for the summer session, be sure to fill the “Proposed Enrollment Date” field with “Summer 2021.”

Current students do not have to submit a new application. Those currently enrolled complete a course selection sheet.

What are the costs of summer session?

Summer Session cost is separate from the full academic year, and covers only the four-week period in July and July. Further details can be found on the summer session information page.

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