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Oak Hill Academy Boarding School Stories – Kneiko’s Story of International Student Success

Improving grades. That was Kneiko’s expressed goal when he came to Oak Hill Academy. His parents added the goals of having school become important to him; improving a college-ready work ethic; and having Kneiko open up opportunities for himself to study outside of his home in Bermuda.  For him, the rigid, test-centered British System was just not working well with how he learns best. Kneiko came to Oak Hill Academy less than motivated, having floated to only “decent” grades in his previous school setting. He was ready for something more for himself. That made him the perfect Oak Hill Academy applicant, as I recall!

Kneiko traded a comfortable life near a beautiful beach in Bermuda for two and a half years of structure (and cold winters) in the Virginia mountains.  He now has the payoff of a great college opportunity to show for it.  One of the things we do exceptionally well at Oak Hill Academy is helping students find the importance in routine and good habits.  As grades show improvement, they want more of it.  When their motivation increases, more and more opportunities are within reach.  Kneiko is a shining example of both the international student who finds success at Oak Hill Academy and the young person who grows into a more goal-oriented student.  Listen as he explains the opportunities he’s created for himself and what he has enjoyed about his Oak Hill Academy experience.

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