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Oak Hill Academy Boarding School Stories – Chase’s Story of Personal Growth

Many Oak Hill Academy students come to us already motivated to get good grades.  But that is just the beginning of their goals.  They are also choosing boarding school for the opportunity of self discovery, and as a giant step toward maturity and college readiness.  Chase’s story represents the Oak Hill Academy student who recognizes the opportunities of a small, relational campus where students are challenged to want more for themselves than the minimum.  The chance to try and succeed at new things is, for many, the Turning Point reached at Oak Hill Academy.  Along the way, she has learned who she is and has found her voice–two of her expressed goals in the admission process, as I recall.

Listen to Chase as she describes this growth and the great options she’s opened up for herself by becoming involved on our campus.  In the process, she’s learned a lot about herself and the direction she wants to take in college–and in life.

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