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Oak Hill Academy Boarding School Stories – Carritah’s Story of International Student Success

Many times, students from countries outside the United States choose boarding school as an opportunity to completely change their educational goals. The U.S. approach to education comes with a greater degree of individualism than many countries’ systems provide. International students like Carritah are choosing to study in the U.S. because they want to discover a passion, and develop a balanced learning approach–and to open up U.S. college and university options.

The families of international students studying in the United States have several standard concerns–issues related to safety, rigor and social acceptance, for instance. Many find Oak Hill Academy uniquely positioned to address these concerns. Oak Hill Academy is a small, personal, structured boarding school located in a rural area of Virginia. It is a friendly campus with a tight-knit community where students do not get lost in the shuffle. Because our students choose Oak Hill Academy with the intention to grow, our environment is truly supportive and socially welcoming—perfect for international students who may need help mastering English. That atmosphere helps explain why almost 25% of our enrollment each year is international. This demographic on campus is quite diverse in itself, with more than 16 countries represented in our enrollment this year, which is very typical.

Listen and watch Carritah, as she explains her successful 4-year journey at Oak Hill Academy and the opportunities that await her upon graduation!

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