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Staying connected to Oak Hill alumni—the fruit of our work

When you step foot on The Hill and join our student body, you become part of the Oak Hill family. And that connection doesn’t end when you graduate—our Oak Hill alumni remain an important part of our community.

A long history

As we mark our 144th year, Oak Hill is looking back on the long history of students walking in and out of our doors since 1878. With such a rich history and so many traditions that bring us together, we have created our own Oak Hill museum here on campus.

Here, our hallways and offices are adorned with pictures of students from bygone eras. They are our lifeblood. In the end, staff members change, teachers retire, and buildings are replaced. But the students who lived and learned on this campus are forever entwined in the history and life of Oak Hill.

Deep roots and deep connections

There’s a reverence that comes from attending a school with roots as deep as Oak Hill Academy’s. Our alumni want to stay connected to the people they knew here in the special place where independence took hold, adolescence gave way to maturity, and the lines between “school” and “after school” blended seamlessly.

True, most high school seniors are eager to get on with life after graduation, but things are different for the Warriors. Memories of The Hill resonate deeply over time, and when the seeds planted here begin to sprout, our alumni come back, often with their own families in tow, careers and life stories on display. And when they get here, what they most want to remember is their time on the Hill—where they knew peace, experienced warmth, and learned about community.

Staying connected

Alumni: You are important to us, and we want to make staying connected easy for you. Oak Hill Academy is about to deploy a tool to help all of us strengthen our connection to the school and to one another. Earlier this year, our administration partnered with an organization called “Wavelength,” which will offer Oak Hill alumni the opportunity to connect and meaningfully network with each other.

So, if you’re an alumni of the Academy, we want to stay connected with you because you are family. Please keep your eyes on your inbox because soon you will be contacted by “Wavelength” and offered the opportunity to nourish your connections with your home on The Hill.

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