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Mid-year enrollment at Oak Hill Academy

With the holiday season around the corner, folks are preparing for a special and busy time of year. At boarding and day schools alike, as classes end and exams begin, students and families are reflecting on how the first semester went.

Are my grades okay? Is my child thriving in the current environment? Is there a better fit?

Luckily, for those assessing their student’s fit in their current academic or social environment, it is not too late to make a change—there is still an opportunity to chart a new course. Oak Hill Academy accepts and enrolls students at key points year-round, without a set application deadline.

Spring is a fresh start

At Oak Hill, January is not only the start of our spring semester, but it is also the time in the academic year when many new faces join our student body. Thanks to our rolling admission policy, students who need a course correction or who are looking to grow do not have to wait until the next school year to find the right fit.

You might be looking to make a change for your family, but there are concerns—won’t it be disruptive? Years of experience allow us to offer the assurance that making a change to improve student outcomes tends to be a positive decision. We have found that the experience is overwhelmingly beneficial for the students involved.

Students themselves have their own concerns about the possibility of changing schools mid-year. Won’t friend groups already be formed? How will I fit in? Oak Hill is small-by-design, and we are proud of the welcoming and supportive environment we offer. With engaged faculty and the helpful guidance of student mentors, new students thrive here.

As Head of School, Dr. Michael Groves, explains: “A distinctive of Oak Hill Academy has always been our ability for new students to mesh quickly with our returning students and to find themselves at home within a matter of days, learning first-hand that Oak Hill is a welcoming place.”

Rolling admission offers new beginnings

The new year is a time for new beginnings and is often the symbol of a fresh start. At Oak Hill, we are currently accepting applications for the upcoming spring semester, and space is still available for most grade levels.

There’s no better time than the present to make a difference in your child’s future through an Oak Hill Academy education—we encourage you to apply now!

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