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How Oak Hill Academy prepares students for college

How class size may affect college preparation

The average class size in secondary education public schools is 18.6 students. The national average for total students enrolled in high school is 854.3.

Larger student bodies are at a potential risk of receiving broad information regarding the application processes for higher education. With an abundance of students, information may be limited to details that are strictly pertinent to applying, such as fulfilling GPA and testing prerequisites. With a lack of early preparation and expectations for college, students are likely to endure more unnecessary stress and anxiety.

However, smaller student bodies allow counselors the opportunity to better know a student and their goals. The door is thus opened for students to hone important skills to prepare for the application process prior to their junior year.

How Oak Hill Academy prepares students

At Oak Hill Academy, we implement focuses based on students’ grade levels. College counselors assess students’ strengths and weaknesses, developing strategic courses of action to improve and enhance academic performance. Students are also advised on the importance of community involvement, emphasizing quality.

Traditionally, OHA has a smaller student body, usually averaging 140 students or less. This promotes a relational environment, allowing counselors and faculty to truly know and understand a student’s academic needs.

Additionally, Oak Hill Academy holds articulation agreements with several colleges to ensure students have the opportunity for higher education.

If you are a parent or student interested in learning more about Oak Hill Academy, contact our Admission Department or request more information.

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