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From land and sea to The Hill: Getting to know Mr. Belleman

Students taking Geometry during this year’s Summer Session were greeted by a new face at Oak Hill Academy. Our newest teacher, Mr. Guy Belleman, joins us on The Hill after a fascinating career and time spent living all over the map.

Serving our country

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Belleman was in the Navy ROTC at the University of Idaho, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. From there, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as a jet and propeller aircraft pilot and as a staff officer and commander of several Marine Corps units. In addition to being a special weapons pilot and courier, he was also a flight tactics instructor, an airborne operations air control instructor, maintenance officer, Department of Defense HazMat Instructor, and Naval Safety Officer. He retired with over 4000 military flight hours, and his favorite airplane to fly was the A4M Skyhawk Attack aircraft.

Pursuing education and teaching

Upon retiring from the Marine Corps, Mr. Belleman jumped at the chance to further his education. He enrolled in the Troops-to-Teachers Program at Clemson University, where he earned an education teaching certificate. It was then just a quick hop down to Columbia, S.C., where Mr. Belleman went on to earn a Master’s degree in secondary science education at the University of South Carolina.

After teaching in South Carolina for several years, he moved onto Washington, D.C., to work at the American Chemical Society. During that time, Mr. Belleman furthered his education experience, conducting teacher workshops across the country and serving as the program manager for the writing of high school chemistry textbooks.

On top of his already diverse teaching background, Mr. Belleman is also certified to teach the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) technology courses in electronics and computers. After spending a number of years overseas, Mr. Belleman moved to his home in the mountains of Virginia near Oak Hill.

A man of many interests

A devoted father of six, Mr. Belleman enjoys reading, maintaining his house and gardens, and doing woodworking in his free time. Mr. Belleman is always up for adventure and recently earned his U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s License. He’s also a Master Scuba Instructor, although he hasn’t found a local scuba spot in Mouth of Wilson quite yet! When he’s not pursuing one of his many hobbies, you can find Mr. Belleman taking his dogs for a ride in the van, their favorite activity.

Our students have plenty to learn from Mr. Belleman, and he’ll be teaching AP Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, and other science and math courses in the fall.

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