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First “Warrior Wednesday” kicks off activity initiative

by Senior Journalism students AJ B. and Ramsey R.

Evan tries out one of OHA’s new mountain bikes.

The newest tradition at Oak Hill Academy is “Warrior Wednesday,” which is an initiative brainstormed by the Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Aaron Butt. The purpose is to be active and be involved. All students participate in a number of on- and off-campus opportunities on Wednesdays between school time and dinner. Each week of this five-week program offers different experiences. Tobi S. ’20 says, “It was fun and gave me a chance to hang out with friends in a new way. I also got to meet new people.”

For this first Warrior Wednesday September 18th, students selected from on-campus activities such as horseback trail rides, mountain biking on OHA’s newly developed mountain bike trail, chopping wood (community service), kickball, volleyball, yard games, Grub Club (cooking), and even soccer. Off-campus events included walking or running at West Jefferson Park in North Carolina, hiking along Comer’s Creek Trail at Hurricane Campground, and swimming/working out at Alleghany Wellness Center in Sparta, North Carolina.

Alex, Moh, Tre and Brady try their hands at chopping wood in service to the community.

While hiking, Josh Z. enjoyed catching salamanders and looking for snakes. He excitedly showed his finds to hike sponsors Miss Brown and Ms. Haas. Grub Club meets in the kitchen of Young’s Chapel Baptist Church with Mr. Bunn and makes a unique dish each session. This time “Texas Caviar” was on the menu, a hit with most students in the group. Kickball in historic Turner Gymnasium included a large group of players. Ben C. ’22 says, “It was fun! But, no one liked the rule that it was an ‘out’ if the ball hit the ceiling. The ball was always hitting the ceiling!”

Josh leaves no stone unturned looking for wildlife.

The students and staff are looking forward to the next Warrior Wednesday, as it brings new ways to be active and connect to others in our small board school community!

Photo credits: Mr. Butt and Ms. Haas

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