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Faculty Feature Friday: Martha Dacons

There is no universal way of learning; we all have our own unique ways of absorbing information. Growing up, it’s important to nurture our children’s different learning styles to promote confidence in the classroom. Learning specialists like Mrs. Martha Dacons help our students reach their full potential.

Mrs. Dacons earned her Bachelor of Arts in Regular & Special Education, American Studies, and Leadership and Global Understanding from La Salle University. She then received her Master of Education from Penn State.

Mrs. Dacons is from Statesville, NC, and lived in Philadelphia, PA from 2004-2019, where she was a teacher and learning support specialist for the Philadelphia school district for 11 years. Her experience also includes being the educational coordinator of the LADDER (La Salle Autism and Developmental Disabilities Education Resources) Program.

This year marks the beginning of Mrs. Dacons’s third year at Oak Hill Academy. When asked about her favorite part of working at our campus, Mrs. Dacons said:

“The community. I think it is essential to know your learners. By getting to know students in the classroom and on campus, it helps to provide a more individualized and student centered approach in the school building. Having our daughter be a part of the community and interact with students and the environment on a daily basis is also very special to me.”

Teaching motivates, challenges, and encourages Mrs. Dacons, and it’s obvious she loves what she does.

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