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Faculty Feature: Mr. Carlos Barreda

Learning an entirely new language can be a daunting task. There are variations in grammar, sentence structure, verbiage, and more. However, learning a new language also opens the door to understanding other cultures, expanding your horizons, and becoming overall more well-rounded.

Teaching a language takes patience, dedication, and skill, which is why Oak Hill Academy is pleased that Mr. Carlos Barreda has been teaching Spanish on our campus for two years now.

Mr. Barreda has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida.

The beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia are what drew Mr. Barreda to Oak Hill Academy, and the members of the community are what made him stay.

“I made the right choice,” Mr. Barreda said. “I love being part of the Oak Hill community; I get along great with my colleagues, I value the relationships I build with my students, and the campus is beautiful to live in.”

Some of the most rewarding moments for Mr. Barreda are any time he hears his students speak Spanish outside of the classroom, or when they surprise themselves by completing an assignment that they initially thought they couldn’t do. “Singing karaoke in Spanish with all of my 7th period last year was also very fun!” he said.

Oak Hill Academy is proud to have Mr. Barreda. Watch our video to hear how Mr. Barreda helps our community thrive:

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