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Environmental Literacy program kicks off Friday!

Announcement from OHA’s Principal:

On Friday September 25th, Oak Hill Academy will officially introduce a new program called the “Environmental Literacy Initiative.” Offered to students in all grades, the ELI will provide place-based opportunities for students to grow in their understanding of and advocacy for stewardship over our natural environment.

The Academy’s initiative will be built around 4 cornerstones: academic study; field investigation; experiential learning; and service. The program will be enhanced by collaborations with several regional environmentally-minded partners including the Blue Ridge Discovery Center, the New River Conservancy, and the New River Wildlife and Conservation Club.

The goal of the program is to build knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills in participants who will one day assume responsibility for their own contributions toward the stewardship of our natural world. The kickoff event will be held at the Mississippi Pavilion of Noonkester Park on the campus of Oak Hill Academy.

Todd Giszack
Oak Hill Academy


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