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Emphasizing spiritual and mental wellness

To be well means taking care of yourself in all aspects: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. At Oak Hill Academy, we are committed to the wellness of our students.

This year’s theme of #WarriorWellness has helped us to integrate daily activities that promote not only physical health, but mental and spiritual health as well.

In celebration of wellness, teachers Mr. Winslow and Mr. Barreda dedicated an entire week to emphasizing mental and spiritual wellness, incorporating activities like meditation and stargazing.

The week started with an announcement of the different activities being offered. Over 30 students signed up to participate in the various opportunities:

  • Monday evening, the wellness initiative began with an evening walk divided by classes. Seniors took an evening walk to Noonkester pond. Juniors walked throughout campus. Underclassmen strolled on an on-campus trail.
  • On Tuesday evening, students brought warm clothes and blankets to stargaze.
  • Students and faculty dedicated five minutes of sixth period to meditation on Wednesday.
  • On Thursday, students and faculty partook in friendly competition with a volleyball match.
  • Friday, after the game, students enjoyed a bonfire accompanied by hot dogs and s’mores.
  • Everyone enjoyed the game on Saturday, and the week ended on Sunday with various activities geared toward physical wellness, like dodgeball, four-square, and using the weight room.

At Oak Hill Academy, we are proud participants in our students’ well-being on a real-life, day-to-day basis.

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