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Oak Hill Academy is a structured, college prep boarding high school.  Since its founding in 1878, Oak Hill Academy has been coeducational.  OHA has been described by many of our parents as a safe place for their daughters to take a giant step toward college life – in a secure, socially welcoming environment – where the structure allows for the development of independence and productive priority-setting that lifts them above the chaos of teenage life today.

Life at Oak Hill Academy becomes simple, through organized dorm life with a good balance of work and social time, mandatory nightly study hours that build routine and habit, and opportunities to establish meaningful relationships with peers and faculty with whom your daughter will live in community.  A conservative approach to cell phone and social media technology results in positive engagement with people and activities on campus.  OHA students point to this as one reason for what they describe as a “low social pressure” campus life.

On- and Off-campus activities are plentiful at Oak Hill Academy and the experience for our students feels very “normal.”  High school memories are made here from coed classrooms, clubs and activities, and even a Spring Formal dance.

Both of my daughters attended and graduated from Oak Hill Academy.  Their experience prepared them for college and they enjoyed a healthy social life, while side-stepping many of the social challenges found in large high schools. 

Please contact me to discuss the opportunities available to your student at Oak Hill Academy.

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