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Dual enrollment offers head start on college coursework

An Oak Hill Academy education isn’t your typical high school experience. Our dedication to college prep sets us apart, but beyond standardized testing and college counseling, our dual enrollment program provides a unique opportunity for students to get a jump start on college coursework.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment provides qualified students the opportunity to take college classes while still in high school. Through our partnership with the Virginia Community College System, 30 percent of Oak Hill students enroll in a wide variety of college courses courses—fulfilling high school requirements and earning college credits simultaneously.

A sneak peek at college, with the support of Oak Hill

Students who take advantage of our dual enrollment program get a jump start on their college classes. Choosing from a diverse array of courses, students are exposed to more advanced material that can later be applied to their chosen college degree program.

Students also learn the pace of collegiate study when pursuing dual enrollment, with the support of Oak Hill’s academic environment behind them. Our instructors work alongside students to equip them with the necessary skills for success at the collegiate level, offering instruction in time management and study techniques.

Setting students apart during college apps

While Honors and Advanced Placement courses provide beneficial learning opportunities and experience for high school students, dual enrollment courses give students a leg up during the application process.

Unlike AP courses, which convey college credit depending on exam scores and usually after the completion of the college application process, dual enrollment courses convey college credit to almost any college or university. The hard work demonstrates a student’s advanced course level to admissions officers—and pays off in college credits.

A head start on core curriculum

Most universities require students to enroll in general education classes, regardless of intended majors. Dual enrollment students often get a head start by taking these core curriculum classes during high school, allowing them to move more quickly into their desired major once they enroll in college.

With certain core credits out of the way, students can move ahead more purposefully and spend their college years taking courses more in alignment with their genuine interests.

The perks for parents

A student’s pursuit of dual enrollment while at Oak Hill can quite literally pay off for parents. By paying for college courses through high school dual enrollment, parents can net significant financial savings. In fact, some students graduate from college one or two semesters ahead of schedule, thanks to their high school dual enrollment credits.

Interested in learning more about dual enrollment? We invite you to view available college credit courses or get in touch with us at principal@oak-hill.net.

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