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OHA Student Affairs Director outlines some of our campus leadership opportunities.

Being a student leader at a boarding school can be challenging. We ask students to lead peers who may be their same age, or even older. Leaders also live together with those they lead. Despite (or maybe because of) these challenges, being a student leader at a boarding school also can be an incredible opportunity. Students can gain meaningful, authentic skills within our supportive community. At Oak Hill Academy we provide students with several ways to get involved in campus leadership. In each case, we give students training and ongoing support in their positions. And we are careful to ensure that students in leadership positions are trustworthy, have a positive reputation with the faculty and student body, and have proven character.

OHA Leadership Retreat 2019

Dorm Leadership
Dorm Leaders are veteran students who assist Resident Managers in the dormitory. Some of their responsibilities are practical: helping manage dorm jobs, monitoring Quiet Time, answering phones, and leading dorm meetings. But the primary job of a Dorm Leader is to serve as a positive role model and mentor to younger students in the dorm. They work closely with their Resident Managers to identify potential issues in the dorm. They also support students who may be struggling. And they work to improve dorm culture.

A-Team Leadership
Members of the A-Team leadership group discuss and develop initiatives to improve the climate of the school. Working closely with the Director of Counseling and the Dean of Students, they choose an area of focus (e.g. respect, mental health, engagement, school spirit) and develop projects and methods to better their campus community.

Honor Court Membership
Members of the student Honor Court are hand-selected on the basis of their character and citizenship. The Honor Court addresses issues of lying, cheating, and stealing. Student Honor Court members review each incident, and speak directly to the student/s involved. They stress the importance of maintaining the honor of the community, and provide steps towards reconciliation.

Peer Mentoring
Peer Mentors are experienced students who receive training in how to support their peers who may be struggling–peers who might feel more comfortable reaching out to a fellow student. They work closely with our Director of Counseling, and are available during the day and evenings to help mediate conflicts.

Mr. Aaron Butt
Director of Student Affairs
Oak Hill Academy


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