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College applications … stressful?

In our culture today, the words “college applications” and “stress” seem to go hand in hand for high school students and their parents. Just give it a try – think for a moment about the words “college applications” and notice how you feel. Relaxed, calm, giddy? Most likely not! There is stress about the process itself, deadlines, essays, acceptances … the list goes on. The good news is that at Oak Hill Academy we believe the byproduct of this kind of stress actually is GROWTH. And we approach the college application process with that in mind.

Optimum conditions for growth exist when students are nudged out of their comfort zones … just far enough, and with the support they need to succeed. This is the environment we provide for our seniors as they rise to the challenges of this important rite of passage. With support from OHA and their families, we see them grow in their abilities to communicate with professionals, navigate paperwork glitches, advocate for themselves, manage deadlines, and make decisions. And we help them seek out best fit colleges, guided by our motto: “Go where you can grow.”

Now try it again. Think about “college applications” and see if you can conjure some images of your child experiencing growth. Ahh … it does feel better!

Mrs. Joy Groves, MA, LPC, NCC
Director of Counseling
Oak Hill Academy

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