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Meet & greets with college admissions counselors prep students for applications

College Lab is a year-round operation here at Oak Hill Academy. Each student has a dedicated college counselor, who works directly with the student and their family to map out a path for life beyond high school. With fall underway, College Lab is in full swing hosting college admissions counselors.

College admissions seminars are a key part of the college prep and application process—and a unique benefit of Oak Hill being small by design. Each week, our students meet directly with representatives from colleges across the country, learning about diverse program offerings and gaining specific tips for the application process.

Additionally, these small group meetings allow students to interact with the admissions counselors who will be directly involved in reviewing their college applications. Admissions staff put names to faces and gain a greater understanding of each one of our students here at Oak Hill.

Our College Lab counselors have found that these seminars are an unparalleled opportunity for students to make a distinct impression on admissions staff and to ask detailed questions about degree programs, campus life, and financial aid.

The 28 members of the class of 2021 applied to more than 200 different colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada, earning more than 200 unique acceptances. Due to our “go where you can grow” philosophy, most of those applications also resulted in significant financial awards, and the class as a whole garnered over $4 million of merit-based financial awards.

We encourage all of our students, not only juniors and seniors, to sign up for as many of the college admissions seminars as possible and to ask specific questions that will inform their future decisions. Even if a student ends up attending a different college, they will benefit tremendously from engaging in the interview process as they take a proactive approach and develop their confidence.

Oak Hill Academy emphasizes personal connections. Customized meetings with college representatives are just one of the ways we help our students make a real impression on colleges as we guide them to find the schools that will best meet their needs. We are proud of our students and work to give them the maximum number of college options and to prepare them well in advance for navigating the college application process.

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