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Coach Yerrick Stoneman: New Leader of Oak Hill Hoops

In February 2022, Oak Hill Academy announced Yerrick Stoneman as the incoming head basketball coach for the Gold Team. Previously, Stoneman had been Oak Hill’s assistant Gold Team coach alongside Coach Steve Smith for 11 years.

Oak Hill Academy boasts three different basketball teams: White (advanced junior varsity), Red (advanced regional varsity), and Gold (advanced national varsity). Although Coach Stoneman will be the head coach of the Gold Team, he places an emphasis on the holistic aspect of Oak Hill Academy basketball.

Recently, Stoneman met with all of White and Red Team players to discuss his coaching philosophy, including an open forum for students to ask questions. Coach Stoneman discussed the importance of merit and indicated that each player’s goal should be to advance to the next level in their basketball careers. He explained about the pathway for building individual players within each of the three teams and his plans to attend practices for all of them.

Stoneman and his wife Chelsi are excited to live in the heart of campus, and they plan to be highly involved in the life of the school. As Stoneman shared with the student athletes, “I think it’s important to know each and every one of you.”

Coach Stoneman brings boundless energy and a prestigious winning record to his coaching, and he ended his remarks with the reminder that “we’re here to develop you as a basketball player and also as a person.”

For additional comments from Coach Stoneman, watch the video below.

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