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Beyond online learning fatigue: Oak Hill opens for another year of in-person classes

Without a doubt, COVID has changed classrooms around the world. Educators have adapted to new ways of teaching, as schools have developed online platforms to reach their students. More and more, an unexpected phenomenon has emerged in kids and adolescents in virtual classroom: online fatigue. The realities of learning—or trying to—through a computer screen have taken their toll.

Here at Oak Hill Academy, we are grateful to be teaching and learning in person. For many of our students, face-to-face learning is critical to their academic, social, and emotional growth. Responding thoughtfully to the needs of our small student body and campus community is nothing new for us at Oak Hill.

Since 2020, our teachers and students have adapted safely to the changing world, all while remaining on campus and inside the classroom. Being small by design has made this possible. We have been nimble in response to evolving COVID protocols, adapting our classroom, dormitory, and building policies while closely following the latest CDC guidelines.

As we gear up for the 2022-2023 academic year, however, we recognize that students joining us on The Hill for the first time have not had the benefit of in-person instruction for two years now. Fittingly, this year’s theme is #Connect. We look forward to finding meaningful ways to connect with our students and entire school community—offline and in person.

Whether recovering from online learning fatigue or just needing a fresh start for the upcoming school year, students can find the individual attention and care they need at Oak Hill Academy.

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