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Benefits of equestrian programs

Working with horses provides emotional support and aides in promoting an active lifestyle. There are many benefits to having an equestrian program.


Emotional benefits

Like many other animals, horses provide emotional support and promote psychological development. They’re sensitive animals that respond to a person’s emotions, and because of this, those who spend their time with horses develop emotional skills.

Being around horses also teaches students the value of work ethic. Equine maintenance requires attention to detail and hard work. From grooming, administering first aid, mucking stalls, cleaning tack… there are duties inherent to being an equestrian. However, it’s oftentimes during this hard work that we connect with our animals the most. It further improves one’s confidence to see the results of hard work.


Mental benefits

Equestrian-related activities promote focus and thoughtfulness. When horseback riding, a student will focus on the small details without even realizing they’re doing so.

As mentioned before, being around horses means being around hard work. Chores around the barn, and even getting ready to ride, involve routine and structure. Routine and structure help give students emotional comfort and reduces stress, which is a prime component of Oak Hill Academy’s educational philosophy.


Physical health benefits

Horseback riding promotes physical health and wellness for students. It involves the utilization of different muscle groups and exercise routines outside the stables. It improves core strength, leg and hip strength, and improves posture and balance.

Students will improve their physical wellness through horseback riding.

All in all, equestrian programs provide students with the tools to improve their emotional skills, mental wellbeing, and physical health.


Oak Hill Academy offers mental and physical enrichment through our equestrian program. There is no experience required; we encourage all students to participate.

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