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About articulation agreements

Articulation agreements secure a student’s acceptance into college.

Articulation agreements are arrangements made between a secondary school and a college/university.

Oak Hill Academy honors several articulation agreements. Oak Hill currently has articulation agreements with the following institutions:

Articulation agreements provide security for students to be accepted into college. If a student applies to a college bound by an articulation agreement with Oak Hill Academy, they are guaranteed acceptance if the student’s grades and other application prerequisites are satisfied.

Articulation agreements promote student success.

Additionally, articulation agreements allow Oak Hill to spotlight colleges with similar principles, specifically maintaining smaller, individualized classes.

Oak Hill has traditionally upheld a small student body to ensure academic nurturing and excellence. This is furthered through articulation agreements with colleges who also practice academic care through small class sizes.

Students at Oak Hill often flourish because of smaller classes and more academic attention; thus, articulation agreements with attentive colleges are beneficial to the students.

Articulation agreements do not bind a student to a college.

While a student’s admittance is virtually guaranteed to a college with an articulation agreement, the student is not limited to the aforementioned colleges. Oak Hill encourages students to apply to any college or university that best suits their academic and personal needs.

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