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A visit from the Family Resource Center

Our holistic approach to student wellness sets Oak Hill Academy apart from other schools and boarding environments. But what does “holistic approach” mean? In short, we at Oak Hill use every opportunity to help our students take real steps to becoming their best selves. Most recently, in late September, we hosted a special event for our students with the Family Resource Center (FRC)—one of our community partners based in Wytheville, Virginia.

Holistic wellness

We welcomed FRC to campus to provide workshops for our students. Based on our holistic view of student development and our focus on mental and academic health, we strive to provide our students with the tools and skills necessary to respond effectively to various life scenarios they may encounter. In that spirit, the professionals from the FRC—whose mission at FRC includes a commitment “to providing a full range of services and resources such as crisis intervention, supportive counseling,…[and] education”— shared timely information and tips for our students to empower them to deal healthfully with real-life situations.

Healthy relationships

Our FRC workshops focused on the theme of healthy relationships. Topics included identifying healthy versus unhealthy relationships, keeping safe in relationships, boundaries/respect/consent, and what to do if someone is not respecting your boundaries or is being hurtful to you or a friend. Internet safety is a critical factor in relation to all of these topics and was also addressed.

Students were divided into groups by age and gender for the workshops. For example, both 8th and 9th grade girls and 12th grade boys talked about healthy relationships, but the specifics were tailored to each group in particular.

A fruitful partnership

The FRC has partnered with us on a number of occasions and always brings relevant, helpful information presented in a sensitive and professional manner. To follow up, we also shared with students how and with whom to connect on campus regarding any concerns and made them aware of resources available here at Oak Hill.

As a 100% boarding school, our campus environment spans study and leisure, community and reflection, and challenge and affirmation. We are ready-made and committed to consistently addressing students’ social and emotional needs, with an eye toward academic and human growth.

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