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As I’ve written in the past, Oak Hill Academy is a uniquely tight-knit, routine-oriented, community.  Our size allows us to be that.  Daily “homeroom,” a campus-wide morning assembly in our Chapel, is a very personal way to start the day and reinforces what we do well as a small boarding school.  Here are some highlights:

  • Homeroom in Chapel allows for the students AND faculty to share something of themselves in a very positive setting.  Daily devotions take the shape of short stories, homilies, prayers, skits, and performances.  It is really powerful to see a student who is taking Beginning Guitar advance to the point where they can and want to express themselves by performing in homeroom.  It’s equally powerful to see a student, often fighting stage fright, share a heartfelt message with their peers.  When a teacher shares something personal, like a talent (See the video below) or a personal story from their lives, it resonates with our students.  It reinforces the relationships that exist here as we live in a small community.

  • We start the day in prayer.  It is a quiet beginning to the day and encourages us to intentionally shape the day with a positive goal.  These moments are also a time of reflection, giving space for students to get their minds ready for the day. This is our morning routine.
  • There are also announcements of the events of the day, reminders of responsibilities or fun things going on in the afternoon to look forward to.
  • Giving recognition is also a big part of the homeroom agenda.  Whether it is announcing the Student of the Week, giving a report on how the debate team did on a trip, a wrestling team recap, or college acceptances that have come through for our seniors–it is a time when everybody matters and everyone counts.
  • Homeroom reinforces the accountability we have to each other.  We start on time.  Occasionally, students are late and they receive peer pressure–“If I can get here on time, so can you” seems to be the vibe.

To know more about Oak Hill Academy and our approach to the small boarding school model, I encourage you to contact me in the Admission Department at 276 579-2619.

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