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Alumni Campus Store

The Alumni Campus Store is located in the heart of campus. It is one of the main social settings for our students.  The store was dedicated during Alumni Weekend 2006.  The store is a convenience for the OHA community, where students can grab a quick bite to eat or stay a little longer to hang out with friends.  Students also use the store to stock up on snacks and study-break food for their dorm rooms. The store offers a variety of foods like pizza, sandwiches, and cereal; a wide range of beverages; and options including yogurt, fruit and energy bars. Personal care items and school supplies are also available.

Our Alumni Store also carries casual and athletic spirit wear for our students, staff and visitors to campus.  With the newest athletic styles and a selection that would rival any college bookstore, our apparel is made by Nike, Jordan, and other high-quality brands.

Some of the outstanding features are the 50’s diner style tables and stools, a gas fireplace, and spacious deck areas. A feature wall contains signatures from generations of alumni who have come back to visit campus. Many of those alums helped build the store with their participation in the fundraising for this important project. The Alumni Campus Store truly is a special spot on campus.

The sale of tiles for the Alumni Campus Store is ongoing.  Tiles are etched with your name and class year and are permanently displayed in the store.  The cost of a tile is $500, with proceeds going toward improvements and upkeep of the building.

The store is open each day after school until 5:30 p.m. and on many game days.  Our students and alumni look back fondly at the memories made at the Alumni Campus Store.




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