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There is no such thing as an underachieving child… Only an unmotivated one.

How do students become motivated and engaged at Oak Hill Academy?

  • With a structured, personal environment where academic AND character growth occurs with a supportive, not punitive, approach.
  • In small, college-prep classes that address learning styles and engage students at a level they may be missing in their current school.
  • By giving students enough responsibility to feel a sense of independence and maturity in a safe, supervised, and motivating setting.

Oak Hill Academy does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, sex, or geographic origin.

Boarding School Cost Analysis:

Median Tuition for U.S. Boarding Schools    $55,740   (NAIS 2018-19 statistics)

Oak Hill Academy Tuition, Room, and Board    $41,570 (Total Cost 2019-20)



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