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Oak Hill Academy Admissions Blog

Ready for Our Close-Up!

Oak Hill Academy's Student Affairs Director shares a little game he created. How often do you notice the little things? The yard sign on your way to class in the morning, the pattern of the brick walkway, the statue in the garden? In an effort to get students into the habit of checking their...

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Oak Hill’s Core Values

Like many organizations, Oak Hill Academy has established a set of core values.  These four central statements of purpose drive our procedures and inform our practice.  They’re non-negotiable. Our students know them.  Our parents know them.  And our school community revolves around them....

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Benefits of Dorm Life

OHA's Student Affairs Director highlights the social and emotional learning that takes place in our dormitories. One of the values of boarding school, and Oak Hill Academy in particular, is that we live together. Students don’t just attend class and go home; this is their home. When students leave...

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Developing Leaders

OHA Student Affairs Director outlines some of our campus leadership opportunities. Being a student leader at a boarding school can be challenging. We ask students to lead peers who may be their same age, or even older. Leaders also live together with those they lead. Despite (or maybe because of)...

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OHA Routines Soothe Teens

OHA's Counseling Director highlights our school's reassuring structure. Teenagers have so much to accomplish! Not just homework and extracurriculars … but internal work, too. Their brains are developing rapidly. They're trying to figure out who they are--and how to manage their thoughts and...

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January 2021 Update from Student Affairs

Oak Hill Academy Student Affairs Director offers observations and a hopeful outlook for our Spring Semester. We are more than one week into our second semester, and midway through “phase 2” of our COVID mitigation plan as we work toward a more normal semester here on “The Hill.” We’re tucked away...

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Request Information

We’re always here to help. Whether you’re just gathering information or have an immediate need for a new educational partner, our staff is ready to listen to, and address, your concerns. For an immediate response call 276-579-2619.