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Community Service Opportunities

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Art Club


We believe in the importance of student engagement in campus life at Oak Hill. So we place a high value on student participation in athletics, clubs, and other activities. All students participate in a school-sponsored club or activity which meets at least once weekly. Students have the opportunity to change clubs periodically, but must participate throughout the school year.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of sports, clubs, and activities offered to our students. Many of the non-traditional offerings are the result of student and faculty interest, and change year to year.

Activities, Clubs and Leadership Opportunities
Advisee Trips
Ambassadors Club
Animal Rescue Club
Aquarium Club
Art Club
Astronomy Club
Baking Club
Board Games Club
Book/Literary Club
Broadcasting Club
Chess Club
Community Service opportunities
Cultural Activities
Debate Club
Docent Club (Campus history/archives)
E-gaming Club
Emerging Leaders
Environmental Club
Fishing Club
Flag Football
French Club
Grub Club (cooking)
Intramural Sports and Games
Leadership Group
Meditation/Yoga Club
Open Studio – Art
Open Studio – Music
Power Walking Club
School Newspaper
Scouts/Adventure Club
Skiing/Snowboarding Club
Spanish Club
Theatre Club
Table Tennis
Trail Riding (Horseback)
“Warrior Night” activities/trips
“Warrior Wednesday” activities
Yearbook Club
Youth Group

Basketball – Gold
Basketball – Red
Basketball – White
Cheer Team
Equestrian Team
Soccer – Fall
Soccer – Spring
Tennis – Boys’
Tennis – Girls’
Volleyball – Girls’
Wrestling Team

Campus-Wide Events
Harvest Festival
Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas Dinner/Winter Dance
Spring Formal
Spirit Days
Special Shows/Concerts