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In describing Oak Hill Academy’s mission since 1878, we hit upon the phrase, “The Turning Point” many years ago. Given our unique mission within the boarding school world of working with students needing growth and a change of trajectory, we believe that “The Turning Point” accurately conveys the transformation many students say defines their Oak Hill Academy experience.  I’m always looking for ways to describe that transformative process to prospective students and their families.  It usually takes the form of a conversation or a Skype call after an initial inquiry.  But today, I would like to share “The Turning Point” in a visual format. The diagram is a distillation of significant exchanges I have with inquiring applicants.  Still, it is only half of the equation in our admission process. The other half relies heavily on getting to know your personal goals, your individual student, and their unique needs.  Please contact us at (276) 579-2619 or at to discuss Oak Hill Academy and the transformation that you and your student seek.