Staff Directory


Carlos Barreda

Mr. Carlos Barreda
Spanish Teacher

B.A., University of Florida

Brian Bunn

Mr. Brian Bunn
Social Studies Teacher
Dean of Faculty

M.A., Virginia Tech
B.A., Emory & Henry College

Robin Cannon

Mrs. Robin Cannon
Math Teacher
Resident Manager – Ingram Dormitory

M.Div., Faith Seminary
B.S., Pacific Lutheran University

Taylor Conn

Mr. Taylor Conn
Music, Sports Medicine, and Health, Wellness, and PE Teacher

M.S., Liberty University
B.S., Radford University

Dion Dacons

Mr. Dion Dacons
Math and Social Studies Teacher

M.B.A., La Salle University
M.Ed., Temple University
B.A., Temple University

Martha Dacons

Mrs. Martha Dacons
Learning Skills Specialist

M.Ed. Penn State University
B.A., La Salle University

Ms. Kelyn Diamond
Assistant to Admissions
Yearbook Teacher

B.A., Appalachian State University

Todd Giszack

Mr. Todd Giszack
Director of Academic Affairs

Continuing Studies, Liberty University
M.S., Radford University
B.S., Virginia Tech

Joy Groves

Mrs. Joy Groves, MA, LPC, NCC
Director of Counseling

M.A., Marshall University
B.A., Marshall University

Aaron Grubbs

Mr. Aaron Grubbs
Science Teacher

Continuing Studies, Liberty University
M.Ed., University of Phoenix
B.S., Longwood University

Stephen Hebold

Mr. Stephen Hebold
Social Studies Teacher

M.S. University of Michigan
B.S., Western Michigan University

Chris Hill

Mr. Chris Hill
College Advisor
International Student Advisor
Directory of Administrative Affairs

M.A., Jacksonville University
B.S., Jacksonville University

Corinne jOhnson

Ms. Corinne Johnson
English and Theater Teacher

M.A., University of Virginia
B.A., University of Virginia

Ms. Fran Jones
Horsemanship Teacher

Mr. Nick Lauterbach
English and Speech and Communication Teacher

B.S., Liberty University
B.A., Calvary Chapel Bible College
A.A., Piedmont Virginia Community College

Bryan Meagher

Mr. Bryan Meagher
Health, Wellness, and PE Teacher, Director of Athletics

B.S., Medaille College

Caleb Simpson

Mr. Caleb Simpson
Video Production Teacher

B.A. and B.S., Emory & Henry College

Chris Tobin

Ms. Christine Tobin
English, Writing, and Social Studies Teacher

M.F.A., Univ. of NC-Greensboro
M.A.L.S., Hollins University
B.A., Roanoke College

Rev. Douglas Turnmire

Rev. Doug Turnmire
Religion Teacher
Campus MInister

D.Min., Mercer University
M.Div., Southern Bapt. Theo. Sem.
B.A., Gardner-Webb College
A.A., Caldwell Community College

Ben Winslow

Mr. Ben Winslow
Math and Science Teacher

B.S., University of West Georgia

Dennis Wymer

Mr. Dennis Wymer
Art Teacher

M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design
B.F.A., Va. Commonwealth University


Rhonda Bowen

Mrs. Rhonda Bowen
Director of Financial Affairs

B.A., Emory & Henry College

Steve Bowen

Mr. Steve Bowen
Director of Technology

Ann Brooks

Ms. Ann Brooks
Assistant Dean of Girls
Resident Manager – Hough Dormitory, 1st Floor

Emory & Henry College

Aaron Butt

Mr. Aaron Butt
Director of Student Affairs

M.Ed., University of Virginia
B.A., University of Virginia

Jeremy Cannon

Mr. Jeremy Cannon
Assistant Dean of Boys
Resident Manager – Ingram Dormitory

M.Div., Faith Seminary
B.A., Saint Martin’s University

Clif Conley

Mr. Clif Conley
Resident Manager – Fields Hall
Athletic Officer Logistics and Communication Coordinator

Regina Cooper

Mrs. Regina Cooper
Transportation Coordinator
Admin. Asst. to the Director of Student Affairs, Dean of Boys, and Dean of Girls

Ms. Celina De Los Santos
Academy Nurse

B.S., Liberty University
A.A.S., Wytheville Community College

Lisa Finklea

Mrs. Lisa Finklea
Admin. Asst. to the President and Admission and Development Offices

B.S., Radford University

Mr. Patrick Foster
Resident Manager – Williams-Berry Hall Technology Staff

B.S., James Madison University

Katherine Giszack

Mrs. Katherine Giszack
Director of Admissions

M.S., Radford University
B.A., Virginia Tech

Mr. Haris Hadzic
Resident Manager – Boys’ Rotator Technology Staff

B.A., Purdue University

Gena Hall

Ms. Gena Hall
Resident Manager – Hough Dormitory

B.A., Carson-Newman College

Tim Henry

Mr. Tim Henry
Director of Development
Equestrian Director
Horsemanship Teacher

B.S., Mississippi State University
A.S, Wood College

Kristina Hill

Mrs. Kristina Hill
Campus Store Manager
Uniform Manager

Mike Lee

Mr. Mike Lee
Resident Manager – Dixon Hall

B.A., Asbury University

Luke Peace

Mr. Luke Peace
Dean of Boys

M.A., East Tennessee State University
B.S., East Tennessee State University

Anita Perkins

Mrs. Anita Perkins
Academy Nurse

E.M.T., Va. Office of Emerg. Med. Services
L.P.N., Twin Co. School of Nursing

Laura Phipps

Mrs. Laura Phipps
Admin. Asst. to the Business Office and President’s Office

B.A., Wake Forest University

Ms. Ashley Smith
Dean of Girls

M.B.A., Johnson & Wales University
B.S., Johnson & Wales University

Linda Smith

Mrs. Linda Smith
Coordinator for the Academic and Counseling Offices

B.S., Mercy College

Steve Smith

Mr. Steve Smith
Head Coach – Gold Basketball Team

M.S., Eastern Kentucky University
B.S., Asbury College

Ms. Sienna Thompson
Resident Manager – Hough Dormitory

B.A., Bard College