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Our Campus

The academy is situated on a beautiful campus of 240 acres in the mountains of Virginia, with woodlands, landscaped areas, playing fields, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, riding arena, and scenic lake.


Our Size

Oak Hill Academy is small by design, enrolling up to 150 students per year. Of those, 100% are boarding (they live on campus, along with faculty and administrative staff).

student leadership


It varies each year, but Oak Hill Academy’s typical student body consists of students from 10-15 different countries from all over the world, and 20+ states from all across the U.S. About 15% of our students are international. We take pride in the diversity of our campus!

A Supportive Academic Environment


Class Size

There are, on average, 9 students per class. This gives us a chance to give personal attention to each student — everyone knows everyone here by name, and we all work together as a learning community to push each other to succeed.



Oak Hill Academy offers a full college preparatory curriculum, including AP, Honors, and dual enrollment classes, in addition to test preparation and study skills courses. We also offer specialized instruction programs in broadcasting, music, horseback riding, software coding, astronomy, and more.

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College Placement

We work with students to prepare for college entrance exams and provide guidance to help with the college application process, to make sure every Oak Hill graduate has an opportunity for higher education. From big state universities to small liberal arts colleges to specialized art schools and technical institutes, our graduates are accepted everywhere.

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