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by Lauren Oberman ’20, 21st Century Journalism class

On Saturday, March 30, the Saturday evening social was sponsored by the “A-Team.” This select group of leadership students focuses on character growth and the Oak Hill community. Kyra Souliere ’19 and Lauren Oberman ’20 served ice cream to the student body who then went around the table topping the ice cream with cookie crumbles, cherries, marshmallows, sprinkles, caramelized pecans and chocolate sauce.

At the same time, Mr. Conn and Mr. Meagher held a dodgeball game in the gym. When the whistle blew, students ran to the gym’s center line to grab the dodgeballs and throw them at their opponents on the other side of the gym. If a player couldn’t “dodge” the ball and was hit, that player was out. If a player caught the ball, the thrower was out. The game turned out to be a huge hit! A-Team member Tobi Salami ’20 exclaimed, “It was really fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and no one was just sitting around.”

The A-team will sponsor various activities at socials for the remainder of the school year. The group is led by Mr. Aaron Butt and Mrs. Joy Groves.